Wedding Dress Cleaning

And now the celebrations are over.......preserve the memory

.......a little taster of a results we achieved with this beautiful Rachel Lamb wedding dress....even we were astonished with this one! (and proud!!)

Take yourself right back to the beginning of the relationship you have shared with your wedding dress – recall how you felt when you knew she was “the one” and then finally, how you felt on the day, completely transformed into a bride. Look at your dress now, after the day – whatever the weather on your wedding day, your dress will be stained and marked from the experience..your dress will have worked hard to transform you into a bride and she certainly deserves some "TLC"!

Once your wedding is over brides are divided, to keep or to sell? Whatever the decision it is strongly recommended that you have your wedding dress professionally cleaned.

If you are planning to sell your dress be 100% certain of your decision, especially if it is early days after your wedding - if you are lucky enough to be successful in achieving a quick sale, once she is gone.....she is gone!!  Also....remember your dress forms memories for other people as well - you may be an independent adult having already moved out of your family home, but it remains likely that that will be the last significant dress Mum or Dad buy for you, and the moment you appear at the end of the aisle as a bride, for your groom it is a very emotional moment for him as well and your dress will be a huge contributory factor to this.  I hadnt appreciated fully the impact of this side of it until chatting to grooms is quite moving!

The popularity in searching for pre-loved dresses certainly seems to be escalating and not because brides are looking for a bargain.  They are often searching for very specific designers and designs, Ian Stuart, Jenny Packham, Sassi Holford, Chanticleer, Claire Pettibone, Suzanne Neville, Maggie Sottero to name just a few. Offering your dress for sale in a good clean condition will certainly enhance its appeal to a prospective purchaser.

If you are planning to keep your wedding dress as a memory of your day, following the cleaning process the correct storage is vital to ensure the long term condition.  Final storage in a pH neutral environment eliminating contact with acid or alkali which would cause yellowing or discolouration as the years go by. Our Boxed Bridal range of preservation boxes are the perfect home. See our range of exclusive designs on our PRESERVATION BOX page.

 Wedding dresses range enormously in style, design, fabric etc and certainly present the biggest challenge to the dry cleaning profession.  A challenge that the Boxed Bridal team are delighted to rise to.  Never deterred by obscure labeling and often using our professional judgement and drawing on our experience, our finished results are generally very good, and we are proud to say, sometimes, even astonishing!  

THE TYPE OF STAINING PICTURED BELOW IS VERY TYPICAL....and really cannot be helped - but NEVER despair - our methods and experience mean that in a lot of cases.....MIRACLES CAN and DO OCCUR!

and some results.....


Below for more...BEFORE and AFTER....

A very delicate Jenny Packham silk dress.  A little bit of panic set in when we first saw the dress below....and on this occasion, even we were overwhelmed...a great feeling!

The passion for lace which begun in 2013/14 remains with us but now in many different formats and different qualities.   It always requires very special care to avoid unnecessary damage occurring in the cleaning process. The dress below looked like a disaster...but again, amazing results achieved with time and patience 

More pictures and testimonials on our new Gallery Page...


PRICES FOR BOXED BRIDAL CLEANING SERVICES ....hopefully you will be able to identify the style of your dress from the descriptions below, but if not, email or call us with the designer and the style name/number and we can confirm for you.  If you have a veil this is included in the price, as is a bolero style jacket, removable underskirts with hoop.  We are also pleased to include in-house repair work in our cleaning costs - if we can do it here ourselves, there is no extra charge.

Traditional Style - The vast majority of dresses we clean fit into this criteria and we have 2 basic prices for this type of dress based wholly on the fullness of the style of the dress itself being £145.00 and increasing to £165.00 for a larger fuller dress, or possibly a silk fabric or a full circle style skirt.  With the exception of top to toe bead embellishments, the beading does not influence the price of the cleaning of these type of dresses

 Ball Gown/Full Princess - Often described as HUGE when I ask (wish I could think of a nicer way to put this!)  Hollywood Dreams/Mori Lee/Ronald Joyce are recognisable designers of this style  £185.00

Top to Toe Beaded - Often a column style dress but with a mass of intricate beadwork....Jenny Packham/Annasul Y/Eliza Jane Howell are few designers that spring to mind    £165.00

Simple sheath/column style - perhaps with small train - £85.00

Ballerina/Tea Length - shorter style but often with very full skirts - usually cleaner than the floor length style wedding dresses!!  £90.00

If you are now totally confused, give us a call on 01489 556841, or email


Wedding dress cleaning is high risk with an enormous amount of sentimental value attached.  The utmost care and attention is required every step of the way. Our personal attention will give you confidence that your dress will receive all of this and more, and every endeavour will be used to restore it to its original condition.

When we first receive a dress, possibly even when meeting you, the bride in person, (but often a Mum, who has had the dress left with her after the wedding and the happy couple are on honeymoon!) an intensive pre-clean inspection is carried out – to identify any damage, and analyse the types of stains and possible risks involved.  We always anticipate cleaning a dress at least twice to achieve success.  Some pre-treatment of stains before the first clean may be carried out but generally our attention is focussed on the second clean with intensive spot treatment and serious attention to the train and the hemline, inside the bodice where “invading” flower petal confetti may have resulted in a pinkish or blueish colour staining, along with the effects of the application of fake tans, and even perspiration – believe us, even the coolest bride perspires on her wedding day!

Following the second clean, our pressing will begin.  This includes every layer of underskirt and netting before we reach the final top layers.  Nothing is left untouched.  This process enables us to identify any marks that may remain and are often not found until we reach the final panel!  After considering if we think the stain/mark may improve further, re-cleaning will be carried out. Wedding dresses, particularly those with heavy embellishments, or very delicate fabrics, are not designed to be cleaned and cleaned and this is always a consideration we have to make - it is essential that additional cleaning is not likely to have any detrimental affect on the dress itself. We do not concede defeat easily and perfection is our ultimate aim. 

Once our cleaning and pressing process is complete and we are satisfied that the results are as perfect as we can achieve, then your dress is ready to be returned/collected by you.  If your intention is to try to sell your cleaned dress, then at this stage it will be put into a fresh new breathable Boxed Bridal zip up dress bag to keep the dress in its completed condition.  However, if your dress is being boxed for preservation we will arrange a time for you to visit us and we will personally pack your dress while you wait, enabling you to see the condition of your dress BEFORE it is put away.  It is also our chance to impress you and so many brides look at their dress, then the box and cannot believe it is going to be possible!  Boxing takes around 20 minutes and your dress will be packed away in your chosen box, carefully wrapped between layers of acid free tissue paper along with other items you may have, such as your veil.  We generally pack the veil inside the bodice of the dress, making it easy to get to as this is often something you may want to lend to a future bride. If at any time in the future you do remove your dress from the box and have trouble successfully repacking it, give us a call to book an appointment and we will be happy to do it for you.

PROFESSIONAL SEAMSTRESS - We are delighted to work with a couple of amazing seamstresses so if your dress requires repair work that is outside our inhouse capabilities this can be arranged for you.

We welcome enquiries from other dry cleaners who would prefer not to have the responsibility of actually cleaning wedding dresses themselves but are keen to offer a professional service from a reputable and experienced service provider. If you are unsure which category your dress fits in to, then why not send us a photo.      Telephone:  01489 556841

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