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Have you thought how you are going to safely get your dress to your destination?

At Boxed Bridal, we have the perfect solution...

The Boxed Bridal TRAVEL BOX - available in 2 sizes


Laoise travelled to Italy for her wedding (Sept 13)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for pressing and packing my wedding dress. I had no issues and no questions asked going through security at the airport, although a lot of people commented on how pretty the box was. J I arrived in Italy 5 days before the wedding and due to travelling around I couldn’t really take the dress out of the box until two days before the big day so it was in there for a while. When I finally did take it out it was perfect. Not a crease in sight, I could have put it straight on! Your service is fantastic. So thank you."   

With your dress carefully packed between layers of tissue paper in one of our sturdy protective boxes it is now your hand luggage and can travel with you, safe and sound in the cabin of the plane, on the train, or even in the car.

Our Travel Box is available in two sizes and complies with the majority of hand luggage restrictions, including budget and schedule airlines.   Available in a range of beautiful totally exclusive designs, complete with a comfort cord carrying handle, the Travel Box is convenient and certainly adds some style to the luggage. 

If you are planning to keep your wedding dress after the day your Travel Box will double as the perfect long term storage box. The boxes provide a pH neutral environment which means there is no contact with acid or alkali which are the main cause yellowing or discolouration as the years go by.

We regularly check airline luggage allowances, but would also recommend that you visit your airline website or speak to your travel representative for confirmations.  

WHY USE A TRAVEL BOX and not a hand luggage suitcase?  The Travel Box provides a clear unobstructive packing area and utilising every corner means that brides are constantly amazed that their dress will actually fit quite comfortably into the box and in most cases, require little attention before the big day – which is our ultimate aim.  

Our MEDIUM BOX is most suitable for simple column style dress or one with just one layer of netting. Dresses in this style appear to be the most popular for a destination wedding, but don’t let travelling limit your choices.

Larger dresses will be suitable for our MAXI TRAVEL BOX. This size maximises the allowance of virtually all airlines including budget airlines like Ryan Air, Easy Jet etc.  These boxes comfortably accommodate a traditional wedding dress with mulitiple layers, but equally a very very much larger dress will fit with careful packing - we have never yet failed to successfully pack a dress!

If you are unsure which size box your dress will need please contact us and we will advise you.


MAXI         55 x 35 x 20cm (empty box weight 2.3kg)       £65.00

MEDIUM      48 x 36 x 11cm (empty box weight 1.5kg)       £50.00

For an additional £15 we will undertake to press your dress prior to us packing to ensure she travels in the very best possible condition minimising the need for you to have her pressed at your destination

Currently we have a small stock remaining of the coloured box options inclulding Satin Fuschia and Bold Purple but once these are gone........they are gone.  

Our TRAVEL BOX is the perfect accompaniment to the luggage of a bride travelling abroad particularly for a flight and doubles as a perfect long term storage home after the celebrations are completed! 



Our exclusive Vintage Pearl design is classic and timeless...perfect for travelling with your dress and for the long term storage after the event.

We currently have a small stock of some attractive colour options available as well.....some extra "wow" factor at the airport but these are specials and in limited supply (only purple & pink left now)          

Please contact us if you require samples of the design sent to you or to discuss your airline hand luggage allowance, but also perfect even if you are travelling by car or train...

01489 556841    email:

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