Preservation Boxes

PRESERVATION BOXES....for safe keeping and long term storage of your wedding dress

Having had the pleasure of wearing your wedding dress and being transformed into a bride it is essential to complete the circle of events by ensuring the correct care of your dream dress and, if you are planning to keep her, then the long term storage..

Plastic is probably the worst storage option and very embarrasingly I have to admit is how I stored mine following my wedding in 1981 - the white fabric had turned to a less than attractive dirty yellow and stains that I am sure werent there when I put it away had developed - quite heart breaking to see, and my 2 daughters were very disappointed!

Storing your dress hanging for long periods of time can put stress on the fabric and seams and cause mis-shaping. Champagne, mud, grass, fake tan, perspiration, chocolate fountain residue and much more are just a sample of the stains we see regularly and if these aren’t seen to promptly they will cause deterioration over time and may not even be possible to successfully remove if left for too long.

Our beautiful preservation boxes, currently available in 4 exclusive designs, are manufactured from a sturdy pH neutral milled board providing a perfect environment to store your dress as there is no contact with acid or alkali which would cause yellowing or discolouration as the years go by.

With the inside edged with lace and completed with a satin bow, our Preservation Box is the perfect long term home for your dress.

Our Large preservation box suits very full dresses  and particularly silk, where minimal folding is recommended. The standard box is probably the one that is our most popular and suitable for A-line, mermaid and fishtail style dresses.  The medium box is the smallest of the dress boxes and is suited to column and Grecian styles wedding dresses. If you are unsure which box size you will need contact us and we will discuss your personal requirements with you and advise you.

Traditional Standard 50 x 75 x 15cm


Maxi 35 x 55 x 20cm £65.00
Medium 36 x 48 x 11cm £50.00

For accessory box sizes and prices please call for more details.
All our box sizes are available in any of our four exclusive designs - see below 


VINTAGE PEARL.....Timeless and classic...this beautiful box design changes in the light from an almost invisible mosaic pattern to a shimmering design reminiscent of lace with glistens of oyster and pearl and tied with a satin ribbon to secure the lid.  

A second or even third ribbon can be tied with the ivory to introduce the wedding colours - huge selection to choose from!

This is a perfect design for showing off proudly wherever you place it at home as it will go with almost any decor.  

The colour box options are being phased out in favour of the incredibly popular VIntage Pearl, but we do have a small stock of them remaining in theStandard size, pink/purple and teal.

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 Please contact us if you require samples of the design sent to you.

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