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So many different styles and designs....

We love to take BEFORE & AFTER pictures....mainly because it is easy to forget how dirty a dress was BEFORE we clean and amazing to see her AFTER we clean!!

Lets start with a really really amazing result that even astonished us and will immediately give you confidence in what we can achieve!  This one arrived with a courier and a note advising us "slight soiling to the hem line"

Beware of coloured floor tiles.....thankfully we managed to save this dress ready for the bride to wear again for her party at home following her wedding in Barbados...




Davina.....our first dress from a Maltese designer...

Jenny Packham.....the delicacy and the amazing fullness of the skirt made this a challenge.....but worth all the effort!






Pronovias......with the staining totally removed from this beautiful Mikado fabric dress the lustre was fully restored to this fabulous dress.  

This next dress was particularly challenging clean as the mixture of fabrics used in the dress construction meant the removal of certain pieces to clean through one of our 3 cleaning options and then re-applied.  The results were remarkable and one we are very proud of! 


More BEFORE and AFTER....

Beautiful Augusta Jones Satin and Lace.....another success!






"Marilyn" from Sassi Holford (on the left) - not just badly stained from a beach wedding, but the several of the layers were torn - clever subtle reshaping of the train has totally removed the damage and the dress is perfect once again.  On the right, a more simple repair...holes in organza can be cleverly disguised by moving little pieces of lace!

Wedding dresses all have a huge value and not just because of the financial investment that has been made to purchase her, but possibly more importantly, the emotional value that she has earned....this requires very special respect and something we always remember when working on a wedding dress.  We are proud that we are now being recognised as a reliable and trustworthy cleaner and receiving dresses across the specturm of financial worth, including designers such as Suzanne Neville, Jenny Packham, Galia Lahav, Philippa Lepley, Emma Hunt, Eliza Jane Howell, Naomi Neoh, Sassi Holford, Ian Stuart, Catherine Deane, Jesus Peiro, Claire name but a very few

 Some unsusual and somewhat challenging individual stains....including Bloo Loo!!!


and is NEVER too late to have your wedding dress cleaned.  This bride waited 4 years....even we were surprised by the results..


WHY SHOULD I HAVE MY WEDDING DRESS CLEANED....the following pictures of testamant as to why you should do just never know who in the future may have a wish to wear your may not necessarily think at the moment you would want to loan it, but imagine being asked in 40-50 years time!

August 2014 ...Kate had always told her Mum she wanted to wear her dress - dont think Mum ever really believed it - then along came Kates wedding and sure enough - with some very alterations made Mums dress was being worn again.  Now she is safely boxed into one of our preservation boxes because who knows....


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Some testimonials following supporting our entry in the Wedding Industry Awards...they are anonymous so we cant put names to them, but be assured they are all completely genuine!


“I was terrified to leave my wedding dress with anyone as I had it cleaned BEFORE my wedding but Boxed Bridal reassured me that it would be fine and they were right! The dress was so beautiful and I really felt like they cared! Amazing service and incredible outcome!

Boxed Bridal were recommended by a friend who was very happy with both the customer service and the result. My wedding dress came up immaculate when cleaned considering the underside of my dress was really quite dirty after my wedding day. It was beautifully boxed and I am very happy with it.

Boxed Bridal offered a fantastic service cleaning my wedding dress. The dress came back beautifully cleaned (which was amazing as the bottom had got quite dirty during the day of the wedding). I would recconmend this company to anyone looking at having their dresses cleaned.

Boxed Bridal made me feel at ease when putting my wedding dress in For cleaning. They explained the whole process and how they would clean my dress and what finish they expected. The finish product was immaculate!

Boxed bridal made me fall in love with my dress even more than I already did. Everyone at the wedding couldnt believe that the dress was second hand as it had been cleaned and pressed so well I would and will definitely recommend Boxed Bridal



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